misty stone fleshlight

After four months of waiting the new Fleshlight Girl has come – Misty Stone Fleshlight. ILF, the FLG producer had chosen Misty Stone as the new Fleshlight model. Misty Stone Fleshlight like every sex toy in Fleshlight Girls collection has got entry molded from a pornstar’s pussy look. Like on every FLG sex toy, Misty got her own signature on it. Misty Stone Fleshlight will be the next exclusive sex toy, the following addition to fleshlight girls family. Misty Stone sex toy will be available in four versions: Three well known textures like – Swallow, Forbidden and Lotus. Swallow gives you the ultimate blowjob experience, Forbidden is dedicated for anal sex lovers and the Lotus is the most popular Fleshlight sleeve that imitates the completely realistic vaginal intercourse sensation.

misty stone fleshlight sleeve

What’s new in Misty Stone Fleshlight? The outstanding insert called Bump N Grind sleeve. It gives you unforgettable pleasure – it is connection of two vortex with some ribs and bumps. It really kicks ass. I ordered it immediately and my penis was positively surprised. Having fun with Bump N Grind and watching Misty Stone porn I finished in 90 seconds…that was a ride. Oh I forgot to mention all Misty Stone Fleshlight collection is available in exclusive caramel color. It’s something like mocha but much… chocolate.